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Foods Not to Eat When Traveling

Posted on 29 June 2018 (0)

For most people, eating is generally part of the travel experience. However, eating comes with illness risk especially when the source of the consumed food has the potential to be contaminated. That’s why you should know things that you should not eat when you travel. Tap Water Contaminated water is among the leading illness causes […]

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Tips that Make Bus Tours Enjoyable

Posted on 18 June 2018 (0)

Bus tours provide an economical way to tour some places like Europe. That’s because large bus tour companies can book thousands of meals and rooms throughout the year. Accordingly a fellow friend I’ve met throughout my journeys, he says this comes with economic benefits that enable these companies to offer individual tourists great prices. But, […]

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Tips for Travelling With a Toddler

Posted on 07 June 2018 (0)

Travelling with a toddler can be stressful if you are not well prepared. Crossing an international boarder or two oceans with a two-year old can make your journey daunting. Naturally, children get bored by sitting at one place for a long time. Nevertheless, you can still make traveling with a toddler a little more comfortable […]

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