Tips that Make Bus Tours Enjoyable

Posted on 18 June 2018 (0)

Bus tours provide an economical way to tour some places like Europe. That’s because large bus tour companies can book thousands of meals and rooms throughout the year. Accordingly a fellow friend I’ve met throughout my journeys, he says this comes with economic benefits that enable these companies to offer individual tourists great prices. But, to enjoy your bus tour, you need tips to guide you. Here are tips that will enable you to have a great time during your bus tour. If you care to reach to my buddy, feel free to visit his website at

Be Informed

Great maps and guidebooks will give you travel freedom. You can also get travel information from the tourist information desk or from your hotel. If you reside in a hotel that is not within the city center, ask the hotelier to guide you so that you can arrive to the tourist information desk downtown safely. You can use a taxi to arrive there and get all the information you need to enjoy your bus tour.

Make it Your Trip

Priorities of a bus tour can make you forget your reason for traveling. It is therefore important that you always remind yourself why you decided to go on a bus tour. Make sure that you skip out once in a while to sightsee alone. Although your tour guide will warn you about getting lost, be independent. Nevertheless, make sure that you have the address to your hotel when doing so.

Choose Optional Excursions Wisely

Some activities that some tour companies include in their price are optional. Although there are many things that you can do alone, optional excursions and evening activities might provide a decent value. That’s particularly so when you consider the energy and time required to execute the planned logistics independently. However, you should not be pressured to be part of such excursions. Get information about optional excursions to make more informed choices.

Shop Wisely

When some people travel, they go on a long shopping spree. Bear in mind that some of the things that you shop during a bus tour include 10 to 20% kickback. It is imperative that you do comparison shopping. Avoid being rushed into making shopping decisions by anyone. Additionally, don’t reject the shopping tips provided by your tour guide. That’s because your guide has been to where you are severally and they know a time when a deal is good compared to other times.  

Basically, a bus tour can be a great experience if you know how to conduct yourself during the trip. Follow these tips to make your bus tour an enjoyable and memorable experience.


What You Should Know About Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts

Posted on 07 December 2018 (0)

The United States government issues travel warning and travel alerts to inform travelers about potential risks in destinations across the world. However, some travelers still do not take these issuances as important, which is quite sad. Below are the fundamentals of travel alerts and travel warnings that you should know.

Travel Alerts Are Basically Cautionary

Travel alerts are issued against events believed to last a short period of time in given destinations. While they do not necessarily mean you should not travel to those destinations, travel alerts provide information to enable you take precautions when planning the trip.

An example is the recent France Travel Alert that specifically tells travelers to be cautious about terrorist-related risks in tourist attraction sites, major transport terminals and events. Generally, travel alerts are worth considering so you know what to do if things get worse.

Consider an Alternative Destination in Case Of a Travel Warning

Travel warnings are also issued against countries just like alerts but, they result from issues that are considered potential threats that could last several months or years. Although the US government usually highlights the areas that pose greater risks to its citizens when issuing travel warnings, it is usually advisable to avoid the said destinations.

However, travel warnings also come with precautions on how travelers who may choose to visit even after the issuance of the warnings. For instance, the US government advises its citizens who may want to visit North Korea to coordinate with the Swedish embassy.

Get Additional Travel Advice from Other Countries

Travel alerts and travel warnings issued by the US government are mainly based on their independent analysis. Thus, it would be advisable that you also check with other countries. One of the best platforms to use for additional travel information is the European Commission Travel Advise website. This will help you make informed decisions when planning a trip overseas.

To some travelers, travel alerts and travel warnings instill unnecessary fear. However, they are integral to your safety while on the road and, should always be put into consideration.


Foods Not to Eat When Traveling

Posted on 29 June 2018 (0)

For most people, eating is generally part of the travel experience. However, eating comes with illness risk especially when the source of the consumed food has the potential to be contaminated. That’s why you should know things that you should not eat when you travel.

Tap Water

Contaminated water is among the leading illness causes for travelers and non-travelers. Pathogens that cause most travelers’ cholera, diarrhea, and rotavirus among other illnesses are spread through contaminated water. That’s why these illnesses affect travelers that visit places that have poor water storage hygiene and sanitation. It’s therefore important that you avoid drinking tap water when you travel. If you must drink tap water, conduct some research in advance to know whether there are water safety issues at your travel destination.


Pathogens make drinking tap water a risk. Freezing water does not kill pathogens. Therefore, ice comes with risk just like tap water. If your travel destination has unsafe water, do not consume ice. Realistically, you can’t tell where ice came from or how it was made when traveling. Therefore, unless you are certain that safe water was used to make ice, skip it. Also avoid ice-blended cocktails. When you crave for a cold drink, get a refrigerated bottled beer or canned soda.

Prepared Food

Whenever flies find their way into food, they cause contamination in unsavory ways. That’s because their legs have traces of what they have landed on recently including rotten trash and feces. That means they spread pathogens to everything that they land on. Street food and buffet is prone to these insects. Therefore, avoid prepared food especially when it is served outside. Ideally, avoid it completely whenever you travel.

If you must eat out when traveling, go for clean vegetables and fruits. Nevertheless, be careful to ensure that even the vegetables and fruits that you eat are cleaned with safe water.

Tips for Travelling With a Toddler

Posted on 07 June 2018 (0)

Travelling with a toddler can be stressful if you are not well prepared. Crossing an international boarder or two oceans with a two-year old can make your journey daunting. Naturally, children get bored by sitting at one place for a long time. Nevertheless, you can still make traveling with a toddler a little more comfortable and easy.

Follow these tips for traveling with a toddler:

Book Ahead

Book your accommodation early. This is very important whether you want to go camping or stay in a hotel. You definitely don’t want to arrive at your destination with a hungry, tired toddler only to find that you can’t get quality accommodation.

Prepare For Weather Changes

Dress your toddler comfortably to make it easier for them to enjoy the new environment at your travel destination. Most importantly, carry important pack clothes for your toddler bearing in mind the fact that weather can change.

Research On Airlines

Take time to learn about the regulations that different airlines have in terms of traveling with a toddler. This will enable you to plan in advance and avoid possible inconveniences.

Keep it Simple

No need to carry many things for your toddler. Just load your tablet or Smartphone with interesting games to keep your kid occupied.

Carry snacks

Your toddler will nag you when hungry. Therefore, carry snacks to give your kids if they get hungry during the trip.

Be Prepared for Tummy Upset

This is the worst thing that any parent traveling with a toddler wants to worry about. However, planning in advance will help with the associated panic and stress. To prepare for tummy upset, carry a medical card just in case of an emergency.

Keep the Toddler Comfortable

Dress your toddler in soft, roomy clothes. These are easy to take off when necessary. Additionally, carry a blanket and pillow for the toddler.
If you intend to travel with a toddler, follow these tips to make the trip comfortable and easier for both of you. Also, feel free to check out one of many travel sites for making booking online a breeze. Check it here.

There are some countries that you should not visit alone

Posted on 26 May 2018 (0)

Something that tourists should know, is that there are a couple of countries that you should not visit on your own. Where it is much safer to travel in groups and to make a booking with a tour group. This is the only way that you can be sure that you are going to be saved and to have the best time ever. Some of these countries might surprise you because you thought that this is popular tourist attractions where you can travel to alone.


This might come as a surprise because Egypt is one of the most visited countries in the world. Because of their history and the fact that they are the only place in the world that have the pyramids.

However, for many different reasons, it is best to book your tour with a tour group instead of doing the tour alone. You will also notice that there are many tour groups that are planning trips to Egypt. This is because this is a popular destination, but there are times where it might be dangerous to go alone.


Yes, there are parts of India that is safer than other parts. But, if you are traveling to India for the first time, it might be impossible to avoid the dangerous areas. There are also so many things about their culture that are different from ours, that you can get into trouble when you don’t know their rules and regulations.

The moment that you are going in a group, you will be able to know that you are safer and that you will not go into the dangerous areas. This is because normally the tour guide knows India and know what parts you should avoid.


You need to know that you can’t travel to China alone because you are going to be in danger. This isn’t the reason why traveling alone to China isn’t recommended. The language barrier can make it really hard to travel to China and to make sure that you have the best possible time. Not only is the language a lot different, but their writing is as well.

You can travel alone if you know the language. Otherwise, it is much better to travel with a tour group that knows the language and that knows all the places that you can visit.

Not all the countries that you should not visit alone are dangerous. There might be more than one reason why traveling alone to certain countries isn’t recommended. The language difference, the largeness of the country or the different culture that doesn’t allow a woman to travel alone. This is why it is recommended that you are making sure that you will be able to travel alone without problems, or else you should rather go with a tour group.